Thursday, 19 January 2017

strange post

hello! it is i! i have returned from the cave! what am i here to say? i'm not really sure. i am nowa fully fledged (nearly) high school student. how are you going? thats good. i  am the most unreliable blogger, which may not be the best thing. oh, happy 2017! i hope you have a great year. sorry for the strange post. bye!


Monday, 14 November 2016

a new beginning

Hello humans of the internet (i don't know if you're a human, you might not be, i don't know your life) my name is Rose. you might know me from the my old blog, which was also called Rose Vs Books. Sorry if the layout is looking a little crap and some stuff isn't there, I'm still getting the blog up and running. i decided to start this blog because i didn't really enjoy blogging and wanted a fresh start. so, here i am, surprise, surprise. it's kind of funny really, i left my old blog not the far from my first blogiversary. but, you know, i hope this blog is better than the last. (no offence past rose). well, see you next post i guess.

*awkwardly fist bumps you*